Beautiful Soul London believes in slow fashion, designing pieces that can be cherished for a lifetime. The brand aims to reconcile style and sustainability; offering the quiet choice to accept only fabric which has been sourced with a kind consciousness.

There is a proud emphasis on UK-based production and Beautiful Soul London honours the hallmarks of quality and British craftsmanship, supporting the regeneration of UK manufacturing and textile production. Material remnants feature as fastenings and embellishments, adhering to the policy of zero-waste whereby every last thread of fabric is used in the creative process.

What is most precious about Beautiful Soul London pieces is that they transcend age and generations, lending themselves to the passing from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, or sister to sister.

The brand has gained recognition for its creative, intelligent and open-minded approach to design and was shortlisted for The Sustainable City Awards and received the "Business Acumen and Innovation Award" from The Luxury Law Summit organised by The International New York Times and The Global Legal Post.