Anyone who knows me should also know that handbags are my weakness. Handbags and cakes. What an appropriately named blog this is. A well-made, beautiful handbag can have a unique effect on me, and I am often powerless to resist. Sure, I like a good shoe or a sparkly piece of jewellery as much as the next girl, but they don’t do it for me like a handbag does.

My latest purchase? This patent pink 14″ beauty from the Cambridge Satche Company. Isn’t she preeeetty? I recently read that the average student spends £120 a month on going out. If that shocks you, prepare for the comment made by one of my mates when I told him the statistics: “£120 a month? I spend that in a matter of days.” Now, I obviously do not spend that much, as I generally do not do going out. The closest I come to being on a “night out” tends to be walking home from a work shift at 10pm. It’s always funny seeing club bouncers setting up and hoardes of students (usually in either fancy dress or onesies) kicking off their nights in a tipsy state, whilst I stroll home, exhausted, looking forward to my dinner and getting into bed. And what?

Oh, I’ve digressed. My point there is twofold: a) I do not spend money on nights out, and b) I have a job, and those facts combined mean I have more money to spend on important things. Like handbags, obvs.Now, I’d been lusting after a Cambridge Satchel for a few years, but had never taken the plunge and just bought myself one. Quite frankly, a Mulberry to call my own was higher up on my bag priority list (don’t pretend you don’t have one), and I ticked that off this summer. Whoop for being a working girl! So when I saw ASOS were offering a 30% student discount for a few days, and I had just finished my exams, I decided to treat myself to a casual peruse of their handbag section. Not that I’ll buy anything, thought I. I’ll just have a look.

After an hour or so of weighing up various options, sending pictures to my mum, and discussing sizes with my friend who already had one, my order was processed, and my satchel was on its way to me. Such a great feeling, right?I love patent bags, and had initially wanted a subtler peachy colour. However, the peach on ASOS was only 13″, whereas the bright pink was 14″, and I’d been so usefully informed that the latter was necessary for carrying anything A4 size. Student essential, obvs. Given the fact that both satchels were the same price despite their size difference, my choice was a no-brainer.

And now I have my bright pink satchel, I couldn’t be happier with it! In the words of one of my old friends, “Of course your Cambridge Satchel is bright pink.” What else, eh? You know how sometimes you buy something and fall even further in love with it the more you use it? Yeah. That’s happened. As winter is drawing on, having my bright pink satchel to cheer up dreary days really is perfection. I like to think it’s helping to usher in spring. Yes, it’s very bright. But then again pretty much everything I wear is bright. Colour is fun. More people should dress brightly. It makes you feel good. Try it.

The satchel really is the perfect size for day-to-day uni life: it holds my dossiers, paper, wallet, water bottle and all my other daily essentials. Sure, what with the buckles it’s not the easiest thing to get into in a rush, but I’ll deal with that. And it’s such good quality leather – oh, the smell! Handbags are something I totally recommend splashing out on for quality. The Cambridge Satchel Company story really is incredible – if you haven’t seen their advert for Google Chrome, you really should check it out so you know what I mean. The company is only four years young, but now you see their satchels all over the world (in the most hip places, anyway), and they’ve just opened their first bricks and mortar shop in Covent Garden, London.

Considering Julie Deane founded the Cambridge Satchel Company with just £600, their current £12million turnover is somewhat mad. They now make satchels in all sorts of styles and sizes: from metallic to fluorescent. One of the loveliest options they offer is initial embossing, which I think is a gorgeous touch. Had I been feeling extra flush I would definitely have spent £15 on personalising my satchel with REH. But I wasn’t. So I didn’t. Strolling around campus with my satchel swung over my shoulder, I feel like a true student. It always helps to look the part, doesn’t it? Practical, well-made and absolutely beautiful – there’s a Cambridge Satchel out there for each of us. Guys included. So, what are you waiting for? Oh god… Their metallic satchels are currently super-reduced and with free delivery! Must resist! Must resist! (But if you haven’t already got one, GO! GO! GO!)

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