Low-Carb Diet Help You In Lose Your Weight


Diets low in carbohydrates were once all the rage. As recently as 2007, the Atkins low carb diet and its copycats were making headlines around the country as numerous individuals claimed to have found the secret to rapid weight loss. At the time, the science and health research was not unanimous in regards to the success of low carb diets. Today, things are different and there are dozens of health studies governing various aspects of low carb weight loss plans. For example, a recent 2008 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that low-carb diets are actually more successful than other type of diets.

While low-carb diets are no longer as popular as they once are, these drastic diets are still followed by millions of North Americans. Is it because low carb diets really help people lose weight in a healthy manner, or is it just a weight loss fad? While many individuals follow low carb diets, not everyone is familiar with the exact science behind such weight loss plans. Just a few months ago, a health research study found that “low-carbohydrate diet changes hepatic energy metabolism”. Do the low-carb supporters know what that means? Most likely, no! In this health and fitness article, I’ll discuss the health research and science behind low carb diets and what that means for you, today. I’ll show you some of the scientific health principles that back low carb diets, and how that can help you lose weight quickly and healthfully.

The Weight Loss Science Behind Low-Carb Dieting:

You might be hearing out some friends telling you that the easiest way to lose weight is the low carb diet. This might be possibly true but let us first consider what really makes a person fat. Diet is one way of how we can counteract to being fat. Diet plus a daily exercise is the best way. You have known this fact possibly when you were still in grade school because this is a part of your lessons but do you know how diet works? By dieting this would lessen your calorie intake. The calories are the main ingredient that will make you fat. Remember that it is the calorie that makes a you fat not the food you eat, but you also need to consider that some foods has more calories than other food. You need to know which food has more on calories so you will lessen your consumption in these foods. Foods that have a lot of fat in it are the foods that have the higher amount of calorie in it.

A lot of people nowadays are going crazy about the fad diet or the low carb diet. This is because they learned that it is easy to lose weight if you will practice this kind of diet. Most people having this diet always get hungry because they are very conscious not to eat food with carbs in it. Why do y9ou think they are starving? Almost all foods have carbs in it. So instead of eating they better not. How does a low carb diet suppose to work? The carbs raises the blood sugar and insulin level and the rise of this 2 causes weight gain. One of the reasons is when is that your body uses carbs for energy and if you eat low carb foods, tendency is your body will not use the carb instead it will use glycogen and stored fat. So is low carb diet a good way getting those unwanted fats? Yes it is but not to all since some would crave for food after they let them starve by not eating. Remember almost all food has carbs in it. By now you should already know that proteins, carbohydrates and fats has its own amount of carbs in it. So what if you will just try to balance everything so you will not deprive yourself from eating the food you want? Calorie is the main issue not the carb. If you choose to do the fad or the low carb diet and you think you can do it then go for it! It’s really up to you as person of what you really want.

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