How To Apply Eyeliner Easily Like A Pro


Some cosmetics are practically goof-proof (lip gloss), others you quickly master during your high school years (blush), and then there are those that you don’t think you’ll ever be able to get right (fake eyelashes). Somewhere in the middle, there’s eyeliner. For some, lining in some extra oomph is second nature. But for most of us, it can be a little daunting-until now. Since Saffron Rouge offers so many amazing Best eyeliners, I decided it was time to show you how easy they can be (even the liquid ones).

How To Apply Eyeliner

Before you pick up the liner, first make sure that you have a good base to work with them and then do step by step. Smooth on a little bit of translucent powder to absorb oil. This helps the liner stay on longer. With pen eyeliners, you can apply your shadow in a simple way before or after lining the eyes. With cream, cake, or liquid formulas, it’s the best way to correctly brush on the eye shadow first. Mascara should always come after lining your eyes. It’s the most widely used liner for a very simple reason-it’s the easiest to use. Some people start from the outside and go in, but I find it’s easier to go from the inner corner outward. Don’t draw one solid line. Instead, make short strokes as close to the lash line as you can get. Use more pressure for darker results on the outer corners and lighter pressure on the inner corners. If doing the top and bottom eyelids, use the same techniques. Then use a Q-tip or sponge to soften the edges of the line.

My picks: A dark gray pencil is easier to use and less harsh than a traditional black. Try the Living Nature Eye Pencil in River Stone or the Eyeliner Duo, which has gray on one side and a shimmering white on the other. (Apply it to the inner corners to make eyes appear brighter Its a good makeup tip.) For a pop of subtle color, try the Kajal Eyeliner in 01 (a dark blue).

How To Apply the Cream Liner

Cream formulas are more intense than pencils but are easier to use than a liquid. Depending on how much makeup you usually wear, the results may be better suited for a nighttime look. To apply the cream liner, grab a small amount of the color onto the edge of the Suki Angled Brush and pinch the tips into a thin point. Using short strokes, dab the tip of the brush along the lash line. The line can be a bit thick at the outer corners to mimic thicker lashes and open up the eyes.

My pick: The 100% pure Suki Triple Cream Eye Definer (in Smoke and Mocha) is the ultimate cream eyeliner. The multi-purpose formula can also be applied to your eyelids for a sultry, smoky effect.

Cake Eyeliner

Never heard of cake eyeliner? It used to be a beauty industry secret, but now it’s getting some mainstream attention. The versatile formula can be used wet or dry. And it’s super long-lasting, so it’s ideal when you need makeup that goes the distance. For a soft look get a small amount of product on an angled eyeliner brush and apply it to your eyes in short, precise strokes when you’re finished blend the edges. For a bit more impact lightly dampen the brush first. And if you want serious intensity, add a drop of water to the cake to create a liquid liner.

My pick: The vitamin-enriched NVEY Eco Cosmetics Organic Cake Eyeliner available in Brown and Black

Liquid liner creates smooth, swooping lines and a precise look

Definitely the most difficult to use, liquid liner takes some practice. But once you master the technique, it becomes second nature. Hold the liner applicator in one hand while using the other hand to pull your eyelid flat to remove any natural creases. Starting from the inside and going out apply the liquid as close to the lash line as you can get. Very slowly draw your line all at once. If you try to do it in sections, you could end up with an uneven, jagged line. At the end draw up a little bit (or a lot if you want a cute cat-eye effect).

My Favourite pick: There are many different types of eyeliner are available in market Best Liquid Eyeliner in White

And if you mess up, just apply a bit of eye makeup remover to a Q-tip and dab off your mistake. Try the Organic Eye Makeup Remover made exclusively with certified organic Almond oil. I also like the Living Nature Eye Makeup Remover, which is a great organic choice for people who prefer a non-oily option.

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