Fashionable Nails For Spring Summer


Manicure- a calling card of any woman thanks to its well-groomed handles will help you determine not only the character, but also consistency and accuracy of the ladies. So, for the season of spring summer many women today are constantly looking for new ideas stylish manicure, and the following hints can be useful for any stylists.

1. Manicure Stripes And Line In Fashion

With various stripes and lines, manicure has won the hearts of many people who are addicted to seasonal fashion and especially it maintains its popularity in. For particular occasions like celebrations, romantic meetings or business meetings, even the daily life, manicure still suits for any person. However, it seems quite remarkable as short and long nails. In visual, pull the nails and make them longer, it should be best to offer a thin vertical line. Or you can choose the horizontal lines of different widths if you want to make small nails wider. “Adidas”, a model at the top fashion in appears in black and white, characterized by French style and contrasting stripes.

2. Trendy Add Gloss Or Shiny Manicure Spring Summer

Despite the previous fame, shiny manicure is still considered as a suitable stuff for both parties and special occasions. In this season every women can use sequins every day. Shiny nail polish with many techniques has provided the use of sequins, foil0, beads and other items properly suitable both short and long nails. Also, running shimmering decor is quite simple, which will not need to apply to the salon. Even at home they are addicted to surprisingly beautiful shiny nail polish.

3. Trendy Nails Pastel Tons Of Spring-Summer

Combined with some clothes, many kinds of bright nail polish is problematic and fit for some special situations. That is the reason why most of women opt for themselves a universal manicure, perfectly suited to all images and events. In the season of spring-summer, these characteristics of manicure have popular with pastel colors, especially highlight the natural beauty of the hands. This model seems not to be monotonous, but perhaps a combination of two or more soothing colors. Meanwhile, to give a well-groomed appearance, decorating nails in pastel tons looks good on long, medium and nails can also be used on short nails.

4. Latest Bright Colors In Manicure

For the hot summer season, bright manicure is a best choice for women in. Most of them look delicious on short nails, but you can shave a lot of techniques that can decorate with long nails and bright colors. In the spring summer, the technique of creating bright manicure refers velvet water and manicure, with the gradient and airbrushing. Also, you can simply make up your nails ordinary nail varnish or gel neon shades if the creation of a manicure is not enough time. Or in condition that you want to experiment, you can equip varnishes fashion in unleash and colors the imagination. Thanks to various colors of pink, purple, yellow and orange women can have many different options of the current fashion for the season.

5. Fashionable French Manicure Spring-Summer

In all ages, always being one of the most common kinds of decorative manicure for women, the classic jacket makes impression on everyone. In this season they still remain their popularity, so stylists offer a slightly modified technique and perform popular French manicure with quite unusual and unconventional colors. Commonly, jacket is shown on the nail plates of square or oval shape with the combination of white lacquer, body-pink and colorless. To create this kind of manicure stencils, the easiest way may be using little more difficult traits, and to use the technique of drawing the contours of nails thin brush and brush is drawing of a smile varnish. It is quite easy to do a perfect jacket at home by using special strips (stencil) basing on the easiest methods.

6. Trendy Geometric Manicure

At the top fashion and one of hit styles of the season spring- summer, geometric manicure will meet any commands for this seasonal fashion. They seem so diverse and different. Simply, they can be done with stencils. Geometric manicure can be selected as contrasting shades and the pastel paints basing on your preference. All shades of scarlet, black, white, red, gold and silver will considered as the most fashionable colors for geometrical manicure in spring summer.

7. Latest Matte Nails Spring Summer

To be in the trend fashion of, and one of the most versatile nails, Matte nail polish will be offered for women this year. Most of them are decorated to make manicure more incredibly beautiful and velvety. This matte nail polish is perfect for the popular lately style “casual”, as well as a romantic evening, and images. With the right shade of nail polish, nail polish can really become universal. Choosing colors is important. Actually, it should be mentioned with bright colors looking somewhat pale and saturated shades of bright colors. Besides, different shades of emerald green, gray and ashy, black and fuchsia, gray, blue-gray, blue will be awesome way for everyone.

8. Fashionable Nails Short Nails Spring-Summer

The only long nails can look feminine and stylish as many of fair sex say. However, the designers and stylists claim that manicure on short nails is no less stylish and attractive. Also, it brings a small length of the nails trend in. For short nails perfect, wet, dry , and the French manicure with a decorative pattern, any women can choose a more sophisticated technique such as romantic, floral, graphic, “Beverly Hills”, “Ombre” manicure.

9. Trendy Manicure – Frame

For those who want to perform an unusual manicure, they can select the long-known and widely used technique. In a good option manicure frame can act insanely popular. The most common principle of its implementation will provide the contrasting color contour of the nail plate. Meanwhile, you can perform a manicure at home. Also, the truth will have to start a little practice for the season of spring and summer. Briefly, in the season of spring summer, nail styles are planned significant changes in nail art trend. Technology of “Ombre”, “French” manicure brilliant and others will be more and more popular. Moreover, manicure can be regarded as stylish and fashionable modes by short and long nails. Most of the popular techniques of latest manicure can be done without salon visits that cannot fail to satisfy any woman.

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