Fall Fashion Trends


No where fashion is more visible than on the runways. During the latest fashion shows from Paris to London to New York, fall fashion trends for were being predicted by the likes of Saint Laurent, Fendi, Chanel and Christian Dior. What I found common among all these and more fashion shows is being presented below so you get a heads up on fall colors, shoes, accessories, hair styles and more.

Fall Colors

Fall fashion trends for come with one bottom line: bold and rich. Fall this year will not be all grey or black. Rich vibrant fall colors are back. From exotic shades of green to vibrant burgundy’s, from lively yellows to dusky oranges, every fall color is in and is definitely here to stay for the entire fall season. Fabrics are rich both in color and texture. Due to cooling temperatures, a new trend in layering will also be witnessed so go for layers if you live in a cooler region. But what if layering is not possible since you live in some place as warm as South Florida? Then definitely still opt for layers but in less thicker fabric. Go for thinner textured clothing but add a layer or two to get the right fall look.

Fall Fashion

Now that you know which colors are in; let’s see how you will be using these in your clothing. For one we already mentioned layers which are the key to looking fab this fall. Apart from layers, do not forget the fur and the stoles. This fall season, it’s all going to be about fur. They are coming back with a bang and this time they are not limited to hats and stoles alone. You can add fur to everything from head to toe and still look absolutely stunning as we have noticed a major change in fur use this year on the fall preview fashion shows. Not a fan of real fur no worries here because today faux fur is equally as fabulous and stylish as it’s real counterparts. Check out fabulous furs.com for the timeless elegance of the most realistic faux fur coats and jackets. For an evening look, do not forget a bit of feather detailing. They were seen in all their richness and vibrancy at Louis Vuitton fashion show and certainly will add a dash of class to your evening look this fall.

Fall Accessories:

Now comes accessories which are definitely a must for the fashion divas everywhere. We are focusing on earrings for now because we saw some stunning beauties on the runway. This fall, it’s all about being bold and loud. Accessories will be no different. Earrings as long as 6 inches were seen and if you still want to stay in your comfort zone, definitely go for something long if not as long as 6 inches. This would add to your fall look and avoid the studs completely. Shoulder grazing earrings are important because they complement the hairstyles this fall season. We will be discussing those separately. But keep in mind, accessories need to be big and long therefore ladies there is no room for bashfulness let your bold spirit shine through this fall.

Fall Shoes

Interestingly everything from boots, loafers and oxfords were seen on runways. Chanel went a little overboard with thigh high boots but boots are just as in this year as they were the year before but this year, the higher they are the better. Also go for a bit of extreme in all show styles at one BCBG fashion show, even pointed-toe pumps were taken to extremes with toes being too long and pointy. For a more luxurious look, go for jewel encrusted shoes worn in the evening just to add a bit of flair to your sparkling evening style.

Hair Style

For hair styles this year, simple and slick was preferred over bold and outrageous. One of the most sleek and cool hairstyles were seen at Diesel fashion show this year where wet-look ponytails stole the show. Get this look by styling the hair when it is slightly damp. Then use mousse to add volume to the crown area. Secure the ponytail with hairpins on the sides and let it dry naturally. Use a hairspray to keep it in place. Make sure your ponytail is low because that’s the look of the season. The bottom line here is if all the information on fall fashion gets to you because it is a bit overwhelming just keep in mind old Hollywood glam is back. Glamour never goes out of style. Add a dash of color, make accessories big and bold, let your hair stay damp and you are all set to rock the stage this fall season.

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