50% of Eyeglass Users Wear Designer Glasses Frames for Prescription and You?


Earlier eyeglasses used to be considered as an instrument of embarrassment because bespectacled people used to appear like a geek, ugly and clumsy figure.   But ever since the designer glasses frame for prescription were launched, the destiny of the eyewear industry, as well as the prescription glasses users has changed.  Earlier, you would hardly see any celebrity, beautiful fashion models or actresses sporting them.  Except, of course, people with grey hairs could not help but wear those thick-framed ‘’soda glasses specs’’. Also, professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians etc. used to wear them.  However, now the eyewear market has transformed and also the mindset of the people.  These days, eyeglasses have been sported by people more as an accessory rather than for correcting eyesight disorders.

Even those who have no prescription and have perfect 20/ 20 eyesight wear eyeglasses for the simple reasons to look attractive, professional and beautiful.

The Rise of Designer Glasses Frame for Prescription

Prescription glasses carry power strength in the lenses and it defines the thickness of the lenses too.  With the advanced technology, instead of glasses, better versions of lenses are used that are made from high index plastic, CR90 etc. Similarly, the frames that used to be plastic or of metallic material have now been transformed. There is a huge competitive market of eyeglasses all over the world. One can buy designer glasses frames for prescription from among the massive colours, unusual shapes, various sizes, unique patterns, rim style etc.  The frame materials such as Acetate, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, etc. are a huge hit among people of all age groups.  A niche market of wooden, ivory, gold, diamond and precious stone embellished frames also exist, but are not accessible by everyone due to the high price tag associated with them.

When you talk about the frames for women in terms of designer glasses frame for prescription, the choices are unlimited. Women can carry off eyeglasses with several colours, animal prints, designs, material etc.  to match with their face, dresses, hair colour etc.  Some of the manufacturers like Specscart, claim to craft eyeglasses for every reason, occasion and purpose.  You can pick different designer glasses for work, gym, party, function, beach, games, etc.  For instance, while going to attend any informal event, women may prefer to wear eyeglasses that are colourful, stone encrusted, animal print etc. However, when it comes to attending the school meeting of the children, you can select simple, classy, thin frame eyeglasses. With different shapes such as aviators, cat eyes, browlines, dual-tone, tortoiseshell print, etc. women can play with any of those accessory eyeglasses and look extremely stylish at the same time.

When it comes to selecting frames for men consider the factors such as the looks, age, occupation, profession, occasion, outfit etc. No wonder, Specscart has hundreds of eyeglasses frames for men as well as frames for women.  Just like you cannot wear the same dress at home, workplace and beach, similarly you must match and wear your eyeglasses according to occupation, outfit, purpose, face structure etc. when you order glasses online. For instance, a doctor may prefer to wear a thin gold or silver metallic frame that reflects a professional look. On the other hand, a fashion designer or a salon owner will like sporty, colourful, patterned frames. Also when you match them with your outfit, use a different pair when you go to the gym that is comfortable and not too tight or loose.

Should I Order Glasses Online?

To order glasses online has become an easy task for the prescription eyeglasses users. Thanks to websites like Specscart, you need not go out and waste hours. Just sit at home, open the website, choose a suitable frame from amongst the several eyeglasses listed there, select the type of lenses including single vision, varifocal, transition, anti-blue light etc. and then upload prescription. In case you do not know the prescription strength of your eyeglasses or the prescription is more than a year old, you can call an optometrist to your home to conduct an eyesight test and provide you with fresh prescription. After uploading a prescription, place your order and expect express dispatch within 24 hours. Moreover, affordable designer prescription glasses from Specscart are crafted by well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Tom Archer, Marc Fabian, Hackett, Ted Baker and Salvatore Ferragamo. The range of attractive eyeglasses start from £29.99 that includes the cost of lenses and frames with free of cost anti-glare and anti-UV protection.

If you are looking for a designer glasses frame for prescription, choose try at home glasses to find which frames suit you best and avail the current discounts on the listed pair of eyeglasses.

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