Things to Discuss with Your Partner for Your Wedding Day


The institution of marriage is a beautiful thing. Spending your life with someone you love is such a wonderful idea. However, there are a lot of things that need to be discussed before planning a wedding. It is important that both of you have similar thoughts about the rituals, decorations, venue and even the menu of the wedding. You do not want last minute cancellations or change of plans. Take some time out and discuss even the minutest detail with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is genuinely very important.

Things to Discuss Before Marriage

Discuss the budget

Well, no one wants to break the ice on this topic, but it is important. Having a figure in the mind right from the beginning will help you have a better understanding. It does not matter that you have a wedding planner or not. It is easier to make decisions with regard to the venue and different vendors.

Discuss the priorities

Everyone has imagined their wedding day at some point in their lives. You might not want to compromise with a specific band or a specific photographer. It is better to discuss this with your partner. He or she might want a different band to play, or have a different venue in mind. Thus, it is evident to cancel out certain things and not compromise on certain priorities.

Decide on the theme of the wedding

This a good idea to discuss with your partner. You can also consider wearing the same coloured outfits. Your pictures will look amazing and you can cherish that album for the rest of your life. Also, try and keep a ring ceremony before the wedding day. You can plan and get matching wedding rings for both of you.

It will be beautiful to wear the same wedding rings for the rest of your life. You could be twinning with your partner for rings, if not clothes.

Do you want a first look?

You need to decide if you want to have a pre-wedding shoot with your partner and circulate it in the wedding invites. Most people prefer sending digital invitations to their guests. These invites would look super cute if it has a picture of the two of you in the background.

Decide the outfit and venue for the same. It is a good idea to also book the photographer for those dates. These things should be planned in advance. If you plan such things last moment, then you might have to compromise on the photographer or the venue, if it is booked.

Apart from wedding planning, there are certain important questions that you should surely ask your partner for a successful married life ahead.

What is your actual debt?

This is not a very sexy thing to ask your future better half but it is necessary. You are going to share your complete life with him or her. You will have to share your happiness and sadness. Your success will directly affect your partner and so will their failures.

Having an idea for the same can help you get a clear picture of the situation. You can also plan your honeymoon accordingly.

When do you want to have kids?

If you are marrying your partner, it is important to discuss this detail. You might want to focus on your career for a bit and then opt for a child. You partner should be okay with that. A child will change a lot of dynamics in your life.


These are some of the things that you have to discuss before starting the planning of the wedding. This is the time when you will actually realise whether you are compatible enough with your partner or not. It will help you take a proper decision for your life.

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