Best Excuses To Get Out Of Going Out


Everyone knows what student life is supposedly about: going out to clubs and getting drunk. (Oh, and getting a degree.) Yeah! Students! #Unay #yolo #cracycray Right? Yeah. There are those students. And then there’s me.

Excuses To Not Go Out

However, I know that I’m not actually alone in my dislike of clubs and my desire to spend my little free time relaxing on the sofa with friends/chocolate/tea. Sometimes (or in my case, most of the time) *whisper it* you just don’t want to go out and pay good money to spend hours in a dirty, sweaty room, full of dirty, sweaty people, where the drinks are overpriced, so you don’t want to buy them, and then you sober up, and you realise it’s really very boring, you get tired, you want to go home, but you feel you can’t because you’ve paid to get in. Yeah. #yolo indeed.

Sure, even I occasionally enjoy going out and dancing with my friends, but let’s face it, there are nights where you just want to stay in with a cup of tea to catch up on Gossip Girl in your onesie, but student society tells you that you must go out and you must love it. Not wanting to go out can often be hard for fellow students to accept. Quite frankly, one of my ultimate annoyances is when people go “What? Why won’t you come out? Don’t be lame! Come out! Stop being boring!” in response to someone saying they’re not going out. JUST LEAVE THEM BE!

So next time you’re having one of those nights and someone is pressurising you to go out, take your pick of one of the following reasons/lies and they’ll be sure to understand. “I can’t go out tonight because…”

1. I’m sick *coughs*, to quote Mean Girls

2. It’s a full moon and I’m worried I might turn into a werewolf

3. I need eight hours beauty sleep

4. I’ve got a 5,000 word essay to write for tomorrow

5. I’ve got an exam tomorrow

6. I’m broke

7. I need to skype my friend in [insert country with time difference to the UK]

8. I’ve converted to Mormonism

9. I’ve decided to be teetotal

10. I need to paint my nails

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