Shopping Trips As A Child


I waxed lyrical in my last post about shopping trip at store as a child- very different to the clothes shopping trip I now make with my children. I hate the weekly shop. I struggle to work out a shopping list guide before hand – with balanced diets and the vagaries of different likes and dislikes within the family. This must be routine stuff to family mystery shoppers everywhere, but it does get me down. I have been shopping with Tesco for years – and have become more and more disgruntled about it. I’ve tried shopping with the others clothing store – Morrisons has some merits but on the whole I find dissatisfaction with all of them – my grumple doesn’t lie with one particular supermarket – it is the supermarket culture generally that body rubs.

Sometimes I think my irritation isn’t rational – the people in our local Tesco are lovely; it has everything I need for the week, and they have offers that give me savings; I get points & vouchers and if I feel inclined I can shop online and get it delivered. But Tesco the super supermarket annoys me. I feel manipulated by a shop outlets. I hate Tesco own premium brand stuff that has ripped off the real product and made it cheaper.

I hate the uniformity of the fruit and veg – and that I can buy Passion fruit at Christmas but not English Quince in October. I hate the fact that they have a database somewhere that knows when I have chocolate binges, a diet fad and could hesitate a guess at my bathroom colour scheme from the toilet rolls I buy! I hate it that they have the power to take an original idea or product and make it their own – only cheap and tacky. Like an enormous parasite. I hate they fact they over package and somewhere is the niggly feeling that they lie to me or at least disguise the truth about the food I’m buying

I want to feel connected to the food I buy – and prefer the notion of only being a few miles away from where my food originated. I’d prefer to reward the person who made and marketed their product rather than buy some imitation.I have had the desire to change what I do, the way I shop for some time now. I hate to see small market traders disappear, and local shops fold because of the lure of these Leviathan like stores. Something of the reasons why Eie Flud the shop came into existance can be seen within these thoughts I think. I have flirted with the idea of those delivered Veg Boxes or Farms in a box that you can get and that is still something to be reviewed- I think if I am honest, it would be closer to the mark if I were able to grow my own veggies – an inveterate flower grower – I have been eyeing up space at the front of the house, where the chickens live with a view to maybe having a few raised beds. More about that later perhaps.

For now I am interested in how I can sever my personal reliance on the supermarket without the hassle that plagued my Mum in years gone by. This isn’t a blog post for the sake of being a blog post. This is a real goal I’ve set for myself – that I am prepared to blog about. You may not agree with my view of Tesco et al – I don’t pretend that this is a rational debate – but certainly it fits with our view of life here at Eie Flud – even the uber rational MD agrees with this view of life – so there:-p

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