How to Get Those Gorgeous Instagram-Like Photos?


If you are accustomed to Instagram, then you know that it is an important social media platform and one that allows you to share pictures with your loved ones and friends in real-time. And when you scroll through your feed, you are bound to spot quite a few interesting pictures and would like to achieve the same with your own as well. But the problem is that most of your snaps are dark, grainy, not well focused and it certainly would not snag any attention on Instagram. If you want your pictures to look really good on Instagram, just like the feed, then you need to follow these tips and suggestions for that perfect snap.

  • Branding: One of the neat things about Instagram is that it allows you to brand yourself; all the images you display in your account are featured as part of your profile, where the mosaic containing images is displayed in its entirety. You can now use relevant images so that the profile mosaic image looks good and thereby it adds to your branding. It is important that you utilize good quality images on your Instagram account and relevant ones at that. So before you take another picture to add to your Instagram, you may first want to consider if it fits in or not.
  • Topic matters: You do not want your Instagram to be run-of-the-mill account but need it to stand out for the right reasons. And that is why it is vital that you pay attention to everything from your camera’s speed to the topic you are hoping to immortalize on your Instagram. When it comes to Instagram and the Instagram feed, the topic does matter. So whether you are planning to capture real-life images of others, or nature pictures or sea life, etc, it is equally essential that you choose the right subject so that the same gets to be featured prominently on the feed and manages to snag everyone’s attention. You can always use a portrait photographer in Leeds to capture your likeness but if you want to be able to capture high-resolution shots of others, then do read on.
  • Prep: If you want your Instagram account to feature good quality images, then you need to prep for the same. For starters, it is advisable to ensure that you have the right topic/ subject matter in mind for the shoot. Now that you have finalized this, you can then move on to the technical requirements and ensure that you are carrying a good quality camera, which comes loaded with all the functionality you require.
  • Understand the basics: It is vital that you understand the basics of taking photos; practice on your equipment until it feels comfortable enough that you think you can take those jaw-dropping snapshots. Your camera would naturally be outfitted with the required flash but for those awesome images, try and opt for natural lighting as much as possible.
  • Understand the equipment: It is vital that you understand the equipment that you are using for the shoot – be it a camera or a phone. You need to understand how it works so that you can get the most too of the same. Just remember that taking an image on a phone is a lot different than taking one with a handheld camera. 
  • Negative space: You need to understand what negative space is all about and how you can use the same in the picture to draw attention to your subject. And when it comes to composition, always use the rule of thirds – for example, if you were to Google search for Photography, Leeds, you should be able to come across the work of some top professionals. Here, you will see that nearly all of them have followed the rule of the third when it comes to the composition of their photograph. And keep in mind that image would be transmitting the perspective as well which is why you need to keep your subject head-on. 

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