Feel Good Places To Shop


I haven’t got a big family – But I do have difficulty knowing what to get each of those I do have. I, like thousands of others, don’t have a great deal of time to expend thinking about that oh so ideal gift – it either comes to me or it doesn’t. This Christmas I am determined to keep the shopping bill to a reasonable proportion – lack of time and stress has seen me throw caution to the wind in previous years – and just SPEND, to get them SOMETHING.  That approach rankles a bit, because I hate the commercialisation of Christmas – but I do love the giving. Excluding my dearest friend Katy – (who reads the blog); I can pretty well be sure this is the safest place to list any shopping list from me – and if you are interested in cool places to visit; that ring all the right bells – both ethically, and economically – then this is a good place to start. There is of course a goodly amount of gifts that are created by moi and this year is no different – however for those added extra’s:

  Jane at ‘Snapdragon‘ – at £6 a piece her Amarillys – in hessian sacks are so substantial, look lovely in an earthy, back to nature way – and I know will find a happy home with both my Mum and my Sister – so I bought 2. I would have paid more Jane and I think you should do more like this if you’re able. My number one vote for value and quality. Heather at ‘Wiggly Wigglers’ – the nude charity calandar for heart and lung transplants (just sorry it didn’t include livers too – but hey ho) at a variable price – it all goes to the charity was a bargain – especially as my Sister and Brother in law appreciate a charitable gift ( I actually want to sneak a peak at who from Wigglies is in the buff before I wrap it!)

I find suitable presents for the men in our family hard and often end up with things for the garden – haven’t quite decided what yet – but both my Brother in Laws will probably get a wildlifey type gift from Wigglies too unless I am assailed by a bolt of cheap inspiration from elsewhere. I am in the process of knitting my Mum a scarf – but decided that a complimentary textile brooch would look good with it – I had thought to make my own in felt – but decided I had enough to do to finish the scarf – so Lisa at ‘Primrose Hill Interiors‘ was my next stop and I included a second for my Sister in law. Nephews and neices – well N&N on the MD’s side are 17 and 16 – so are akin to Eldest Eie Fludder and Saturday Boy in difficulty and are usually expensive to satisfy. Am flumuxed over eldest Nephew at present – however, I found a lovely handmade jeweller from Devon using Venetian Glass – and was charmed by these necklaces from ‘heartsncrosses’- so thats eldest neice  sorted. 

N&N on my side – they are 9 & 5 – I really really really wanted something from Julie at ‘Little Cotton Rabbits’ – but I think you have to camp outside for a zillion years to accomplish that – so it was back to the drawing board, however, because I had already decided on a shoe box idea of lots of little goodies for each of them – I had long known that my youngest neice would receive one of Carolyn’ fairies from ‘Willow House’ – trouble was, which one? ( I actually don’t think it matters much – I love them all) All the nephews and neices have something chocolatey – from ‘Montezuma’s’ – which I hope come well wrapped, or I might just have to sample! And last but by no means least, Christmas cards this year are care of the most brilliant Joanna Twinn over at Higglety Pigglety – whose work everyone knows I just love to bits.

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