Difference Between Candid And Traditional Wedding Photography


Needless to say, weddings are a once in a lifetime experience. People want to remember their special day, and wedding photography is none but the best way to capture such special moments and immortalise them forever. So, when organizing a wedding or engagement, the photography and videography part of it becomes quite important so you give contract to photographers at some cost . Post the event, a lot of memories are closely associated with the photographs that have been captured. So, how you remember the events becomes equally important to how you want to remember them. This is where the various famous styles of capturing a wedding come into the picture.

To be precise, there are two kinds of style, photojournalistic or candid and traditional. Traditional photography meaning has been in existence since ages, where the subjects pose ideally for the photographer and their prices. These shots are perfect to be framed and kept on coffee tables and put up on the walls. Candid, define on the other hand, is all about spontaneous show of emotions and capture of rare, unforgettable moments which would otherwise go unnoticed. Candid photography is becoming quite popular nowadays, with this trend catching up with grooms and brides pretty quick. So, if you too have a wedding on the cards, and considering the skillful aspect of candid photography, we advise you to go for a talented Berkshire based wedding photographer like Nigel Chapman Photography has to offer. They have catered to over 350 weddings in a time span of a decade, and will surely deliver you the most stunning wedding photographs ever.

Types Of Photography

  • Portrait photography
  • Beach photography
  • Street photography
  • Family photography

Know the difference between candid and traditional wedding photography

So, just like we explained earlier, traditional photographers capture photos like professional they are supposed to be, with you smiling and saying ‘cheese’ at the camera. While candid wedding photography lies in the natural color, unaltered reactions of people. It captures the moments as they happen, and bring out the emotions in the wedding photos. In the candid style of photography, the photographer is always on the fly, and doesn’t actively give out instructions, just like the Lairns Barn wedding photographer. So, let’s take a greater insight into the differences:

1. Spontaneous candid: Candid photographs are captured when people aren’t aware that they are being photographed. Thus, it brings about a sense of naturalness and realism. The photographer moves around the wedding place and goes about capturing people as and how they go about.

2. Traditional trend: On the contrary, in traditional photography, people are well aware that they are being photographed. This approach is more formal and the photographer helps to create the perfect frame, where everybody is giving his/her best pose

3. The difference: Candid photography captures the emotions and helps to bring out the feelings of that moment through a pictures. In traditional photography, the subject will be visible clearly, right in the centre of the photograph. Here, the photographer presets the angle and focus on the posed scene. Also, traditional photographer is lesser on the expense side (as you hire).

4. Technical know-how: There is an obvious difference in the approach of the two kinds of photography we are talking about. A candid wedding photographer will make use of light and will click the photo in a more informal, casual setting. The final look of the photo shall depend on the post-production and skills of the photographer. Both the photography styles observe the scene to be photographed in different ways. The difference lies in the way the shot is framed, the use of light, the placing of the subjects etc.

So, though candid wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular and hugely trending, it doesn’t mean that the traditional style is not up to the mark in any way at all. There is quite a significant part of the population who still feel that traditional photography gives the most desirable results, fit for a perfect wedding photo album. Both the styles have their own strong points and can give you the results you desire. We feel, a mix of both the styles is the best option to go for, as certain aspects of the wedding are best captured candid, while others need traditional photography.

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